Royall BayRhum All Purpose Lotion Splash
Royall Lyme

Royall BayRhum All Purpose Lotion Splash

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BayRhum 57 is an elegant and iconic fragrance. Infused with the essence of rum and clove, this scent evokes memories of summer in Bermuda. Subtle Smoky Balsam and a rich  Bay aroma is layered with warm, spicy notes of cedarwood and sweet Amber. This light and sensual fragrance captures and embodies the Bermudian life of endless blue skies, pristine beaches, and lush gardens.

An AFTERSHAVE LOTION and BODY COLOGNE for the quintessential gentleman.

Royall BayRhum is a genuine fragrance of Royall Lyme of Bermuda, designers of aftershave and cologne since 1957.

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