Noberu Pre-Shave Oil
Noberu Pre-Shave Oil
Noberu of Sweden

Noberu Pre-Shave Oil

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Noberu of Sweden Pre-Shave Oil 60ml.

Pre-Shave Oil is a light, volatile oil that settles as a shield on the skin before applying shaving cream or shaving soap. The oil protects the skin against cuts and irritated skin and is particularly suitable for you who often experienced discomfort when shaving. Pre-Shave oil can also be used as shaving oil even without cream or soap.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply the Pre-Shave oil directly to the area you want to shave and massage into the skin with your fingertips. Choose a complementary shaving cream or shave straight ahead.

CHARACTERISTICS: This Pre-Shave oil is a mixture of sunflower oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and giving a light and volatile oil with protective characteristics. The oil also contains Aloe Vera for extra pampering. All oils used are cold pressed to maintain all the good properties of minerals and vitamins.In addition, cold pressing is kinder to the environment.

FRAGRANCE: "Amber Lime" is a sprightly and fresh fragrance with notes of lime, orange, cedar and amber.

VOLUME: 60 ml PET bottle, the bottle is completely recyclable.

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